Epsom Bible Church Missionary Family

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Phil and Sue Bassett

Al and Sue Boush


Ukarumpa, EHP 444

Papua (New Guinea)

Wycliff Bible Translators

Ministry:   Al and Sue started serving with WBT in 1968 and have been part of our missionary family since 1971.  For 26 years, Al has helped translate the entire New Testament into the language of the Tifal people.  Today, Al works as a WBT consultant     
and Sue teaches school to missionary children.

Tim and Linda Beachell

20 S W Main Street

Douglas, MA 01516

Child Evangelism Fellowship - Massachusetts

Ministry: Tim is the Director of Child Evangelism Fellowship of Massachusetts.  CEF’s goal is to evangelize, disciple and establish children in the local church and to provide training for others to do the same.

Clifton and Jane Bullock


Biblical Ministries Worldwide

Ministry:  The Bullocks have been part of BMW and church planting in Honduras since 1995.  Their ministry goal is to establish indigenous churches throughout the country.  In 1998, the Lord provided funds to build a new church in Lima.  The Bullocks are currently living in Copan where another church is being built.

Jonathan and Angie Button


New Tribe Missions

1000 East First Street

Sanford, FL  32771

Ministry:  Jonathan and Angie intend to be church planters.  They are currently in training, raising support and language school.

Ed and Maria Fitzgerald


Baptist Ministries Worldwide

Ministry:   In 1998, Ed Fitzgerald joined our missionary family.  Previously, he had been serving in the Chester Bible Church in Chester, New Hampshire.  In 1986, Ed was accepted by BMW to be a missionary in Argentina where his focus will be on church planting.  Currently, Ed is exploring his ministry future in other Spanish countries.

Harry and Muriel Fletcher


Good News Jail and Prison Ministry

Ministry:   Harry is Vice President of GNJPM.  His ministry responsibilities include the oversight of prison chaplains in 24 states in the United States as well as in 11 foreign

Bob and Robin Hastings

Section 3990/GUA

P.O. Box 02-5339

Miami, Fl. 33102

       AMG International

Ministry:  Bob and Robin left for the mission field from the Fellowship Bible Church in Chester, NH.  The Hastings are brand new to our missionary family.  They have taken their ministry of spiritual and physical healing to this country where they will assist other ministries in bringing God’s Word to a people in need.

Dan and Marsha Haynes


John and Amanda Herrick

31 Pairc Na Dun

Tralee, County Kerry


Biblical Ministries Worldwide


Ministry:   In 1996, the Herricks became part of our missionary family.  They joined BMW in 1986.  In 1989, the Herricks arrived in County Tralee, Ireland to become a part of a church planting team.  In 1998, John became the sole pastor of the Tralee church.

Jonathan and Melissa Jackson

Papua (New Guinea)

New Tribes Missions

1000 East First Street

Sanford, FL  32771

Ministry:  Jonathan and his family along with two other families working in tandem to plant churches.

June and Vangie Mangaya

Tarlac, Philippines
Independent Baptist Missions for Asians

Ministry:  June and Vangie are Filipino nationals.  They are brand new to our missionary family.  Their young ministry has already experienced hardships with the lost of their first born child.  June is a Pastor/teacher in the region of Palawan.

Steve and Debbie McEvoy

Papua (New Guinea)

                 Wycliff Bible Translators

Ministry: In 2001, the McEvoys began their field ministry with Wycliff in Papua New Guinea.  They are beginning a Bible translation program among the Migabac people who are located in eastern Papua New Guinea.


Bill and Karen Paige

Shaker Road, Concord, NH

Community Chaplain Service, Inc.

Ministry:  Bill has a nursing home ministry in New Hampshire.

Dave and Jane Pattison


Summer Institute of Linguistics

Ministry:  Dave and Jane have left their Christian school ministry in Papua, Indonesia and are in the process of moving to the Philippines where Dave has accepted a position in Christian school as their headmaster. \Dave and Jane are active in the missionary of children to help them develop academically and spiritually for the future.

Mateo and Melagros Santiago

New Hope Baptist Church

P.O. Box 129 San Fernando City 2500


Independent Baptist Missions for Asians

Ministry:  Mateo is a Filipino national and senior pastor of the Caoayan Baptist Church.Mateo has planted three churches in their region.  Mateo also helps support the ministries of ten other missionaries in the Philippines and China.

         Bob and Patty Wood

Word of Life Fellowship

Ministry:  Bob is the Area Director for Word of Life Clubs in New Hampshire.

Paul and Vicki Young

57 Windermere Road

Muizenberg 7945

South Africa

Ministry:   “Small” Paul is a chalk artist who evangelizes people through his artistry and preaching the Gospel.  He is not associated with a mission board.  Paul conducts his ministry in prisons, schools, churches and open-air.  Paul, Vicki and their family are currently living and ministering in South Africa.